Frequently Asked Questions on The Charity's Name Change.

Q. Why change the name of the charity?

A. Fairford Hospital is no longer a hospital but an Outpatients Clinic which we will continue to support strongly. However, the work we do and the money we spend is 95% focused on the people in our local community and not in the hospital itself.

A name change will better reflect the work we do, be more appropriate and will reduce the confusion created by maintaining a title containing ‘Fairford Hospital’. It will also further endorse the fact that we operate in Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding villages. Informally we propose to refer to the Charity as ‘The Community Friends.’

Q. Will the charity change what it does?

A. Absolutely not, there won't be any changes to the services and support we provide within the community and our aims and objectives will remain exactly the same.

Q. Why a different charity registration number?

A. The Constitution and structure of the Charity was established in 1991 based on a traditional hospital league of friends’ constitution that supported Fairford Hospital when it was still a hospital with inpatient beds.

The Charity is now significantly different in its operations and responsibilities. The key differences being:

 Fairford Hospital is no longer a hospital but an Outpatients Clinic,

 95% of our services are delivered within the local community with only 5% being delivered in the Outpatients Clinic,

 We enter into property contracts (eg our shop in Lechlade), employment contracts (eg the home nursing team), utility supplier contracts, etc.,

 We control significant assets.

The Charity Commission recognise that charities evolve over time and where they start to enter into contracts, and control significant assets, it recommends they change their structure to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

In order to change to a CIO the Charity Commission require us to set up a completely new charity with similar aims and objectives as the existing Charity. This means we have a new Charity registration number but remain regulated by the Charity Commission.

Q. What will happen to the existing Charity registration?

A. This will remain in place until such time as the Trustees are satisfied that it is no longer required. This is anticipated to be several years.

Q. If I make donations by standing order to Friends of Fairford Hospital or The 100 Club will this need to be changed?

A. There is no immediate need to change your standing order details as the existing bank accounts for the Friends of Fairford Hospital will remain for the foreseeable future.

Q. Will my HMRC Gift Aid declaration still be valid?

A. Your Gift Aid declaration will be valid for Friends of Fairford Hospital. However, when we start collecting under the Friends of Fairford & Lechlade Communities banner we will be asking you to complete a new declaration in order to comply with HMRC rules.

Q. What is the new bank account for Friends of Fairford & Lechlade Communities?

A. The new bank account is ‘Friends of Fairford’ Sort code 30-90-89, Account number 40621760