Who are we?

- We are a registered charity led by a Management Committee (Trustees) made up of volunteers from the local community.
- We support the care and wellbeing of people who live in Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding villages.
- We provide health related support to the patients of the Fairford and Lechlade Doctor's Surgeries.

Fairford Hospital lost its beds in 2007 and is now an Outpatients Clinic so the charity is now focussed on supporting the health needs of the local community outide the Hospital.

What do we do?

- We fund support services that cost over £70,000 pa.
- We help to bring health care as close to home as possible.
- We fund a variety of community services ranging from one-off projects to ongoing support.

We succeed through the generosity, support and commitment from our local community.

Fund raising

Our aim is to raise sufficient funds each year to at least match our annual expenditure. This is done through:

- Fund raising events such as concerts, open gardens & a Christmas fair.
- Annual house-to-house collection.
- Our Charity shop
- Regular and one-off donations and legacies.
- Sale of raffle tickets and Christmas cards.

How do we support the local community?

Home Nursing & Prospect Hospice - This highly valued service means that we are able to help typically around 90 patients a year at a cost of about £45,000 pa.

Our Home Nursing Team supplements the care provided by the local GPs and District Nurses and helps patients to remain at home when they are very ill. Our team of registered nurses and care assistants are able to provide health care support to patients and their families.

There is no charge to the patients or their families.

Referral is made through the local District Nurses.

Our contract with Prospect Hospice at Wroughton enables the Fairford and Lechlade GP Practices to refer their patients to the Hospice. This means that the patients and their families can benefit from the Hospice's full range of services.

Voluntary Car Service - We have a team of volunteer drivers who provide over 700 journeys a year for people in the community who have difficulty getting to their GP and hospital appointments.

Our drivers typically cover over 17,000 miles a year.

A charge is made for the round trip to cover vehicle running costs. No charge is made for the driver. A schedule of fixed rate charges can be seen here.

The patient arranges the transport through the GP Surgery. The Surgery will contact our driver coordinator who will make the transport arrangements.

Counselling - We help fund the student counselling service at Farmors School which is essential to the health and wellbeing of those in need of support counselling.

Family Funding Support - We provide funding for health care support and short term respite care in ares of need for families and carers of all ages. This can typically range from funding additional hours at specialist respite centres for children and young adults, to short term respite care to enable carers to have breaks.

Edna Dawes Lunch Club - We provide a Lunch Club for around thirty frail and elderly people on Mondays and Wednesdays to socialise and enjoy a lunch. We organise and fund this at a cost of approximately £12,000pa.

Young at Heart Lunch Club - We fund this monthly Lunch Club that provides social activity and lunch for people with memory problems and their carers.

Prescription Delivery - This free service is valued by the housebound and elderly folk in the outlying villages.

Foot Care Clinic - This is held every Monday at Fairford Hospital for those who have difficulty with nail cutting. It costs the League approximately £3,000 pa. Referral is made through the Podiatry Clinic at Fairford Hospital

First Responders - Helping to save lives in our rural community, volunteers have attended a steadily increasing number of call-outs in the last few years. We helped establish the local Community First Responders and provide funding for training and equipment when necessary.